Major Factors Influencing Your Offer Price

The Final Decision on Your Offer Price

Comparable sale information will help to determine a base price range for a particular home. Adding in the various factors like property condition, improvements, local market conditions and seller motivation will help determine whether a "fair" price would be at the upper limit of that range or at the lower limit of the range. Perhaps you might even feel that a fair price is outside of that price range.

The "fair" price should be approximately what you are willing to agree on at the end of negotiations with the seller. The price you put in your offer to begin negotiations is totally up to you and depends on your negotiating style. Most buyers start off somewhat lower than the price that they eventually want to pay.

Although your agent will provide advice and guidance on the offer price, you are the one who makes the ultimate decision. The price that you put in the offer is totally up to you.
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