Benefits of Owning a Home

Freedom & Individualism 

When you rent, you are normally limited on what you can do to improve your home since you are not the owner. You have to get permission to make certain types of improvements. It doesn't really make sense to spend thousand of dollars painting, installing carpet, tile or window coverings when the main person who benefits is the landlord/owner and not you.

Since your landlord wants to keep their expenses to a minimum, he or she will probably not want to spend too  much to improve the place, either.

When you own a home, however, you can do pretty much whatever you want (sometimes you will need to take out a permit from the city or local jurisdiction for major improvements). You get the benefits of any improvements you make, plus you get to live in an environment you have created, not some faceless landlord. These improvements may even add value to your home!
Gretta Sheffer Minnema
Gretta Sheffer Minnema
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